Personal Grief Coaching is a subsidiary of Unified Community Solutions. Franklin Cook, MA, CPC, started UCS in 2002 to offer consultant and training services in suicide prevention and grief support. He is an inspiring public speaker and experienced presenter on all aspects of suicide grief and recovery. He also assists organizations with strategic planning and program development related to suicide loss.

The focus of his work includes:
  • Communicating inspiration, hope, and guidance to survivors of suicide loss
  • Training peer helpers and professionals in community-based suicide grief support principles and practices
  • Helping organizations and systems respond to the bereaved after a suicide
  • Providing leadership to the emerging field of suicide bereavement support
 FJCook Survivor Award 2013
Franklin is presented the Survivor of the Year Award in 2013 by Sally Spencer-Thomas, American Association of Suicidology Survivor Division Director. Read his remarks at AAS.

Franklin envisions systems of care in communities everywhere that compassionately support people bereaved by suicide and other traumatic loss. He believes in a world where people who are grieving a traumatic death have the resources and support they need to cope with the immediate effects of their loss -- and to experience lifelong health and well-being.