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Unified Community Solutions Projects

  • Suicide Loss:.The Suicide Grief Process in a Community Setting: Keynote address, Alaska Postvention Conference
  • Healing after Suicide Loss: It's Never Too Late: Personal story, American Association of Death Education and Counseling conference
  • Suicide Bereavement: Personal Meanings: Interactive meaning making workshop, presented multiple times, state conferences in Missouri and Massachusetts, The Compassionate Friends conference
  • Developing National Guidelines for Serving Survivors of Suicide Loss: Panel  presentation, AAS conference
  • Essential Resources for Suicide Bereavement Care: Presentation, Texas Suicide Prevention Symposium
  • Men and Suicide Bereavement: Presentation on survey results, AAS conference
  • Peer Sharing Circles for Suicide Grief Support: Full-day workshop, TAPS National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar
  • Supporting the Suicide Bereaved: Lessons Learned from Peer Helpers: Half-day workshop, Texas Suicide Prevention Symposium
  • Saving Lives: How Substance Abuse Counselors Can Prevent Suicide: Full-day interactive workshop (pilot training, developed for Massachusetts Department of Health)
  • Suicide Survivor and Bereavement Leadership Summit: Facilitated two-day planning meeting of survivor leaders
  • A Network of Suicide Bereavement Support Groups? Facilitated brainstorming session of  national, international leaders
  • Incorporating Suicide Loss Survivor Stories into Prevention: Meeting Survivor and Audience Goals: Facilitated discussion, American Association of Suicidology conference
  • Exploring Crisis Centers’ Interactions with People Bereaved by Suicide: Facilitated discussion, AAS conference
  • Men's Volunteer Suicide Prevention Action Team: Facilitated focus group of loss survivors to create recommendations for Massachusetts
  • Survivors of Suicide Dialogue and Deliberation: Facilitated focus group of survivors to create recommendations for Alaska postvention