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Making Meaning

Making meaning from grief and loss is not always a straightforward process, and an experience as powerful as the death of a loved one cannot be explained by simple meanings. This aspect of bereavement is similar to the idea of relearning the worldwhich assumes that everything in a grieving person's life -- from dealing with the most practical concerns to grappling with profound philosophical questions -- is somehow different because of the absence of the deceased. Robert Neimeyer says that coping with loss “requires us to reconstruct a world that again ‘makes sense,’ that restores a semblance of meaning, direction, and interpretability to a life that is forever transformed” (p. 92). Personal Grief Coaching supports people in this meaning making process.

Neimeyer, R.A. (2006). Lessons of loss: A guide to coping. Memphis, TN: Center for the Study of Loss and Transition.